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Welcome to BeachSide CrossFit, where your goals are our passion.

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Designed for anyone looking to get in great shape in a safe, fun environment! CrossFit is a fitness program that will change your habits for the better.

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Our safe, fun & effective programs help create healthy habits, a love for fitness & all-around better health for your child(ren).

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When relocating to the Ventura area about 6 months ago one of the challenges I faced was finding a CrossFit box that would meet my fitness goals and schedule. As an avid CrossFitter for over 9 years and a coach for 5 years, I have visited over 80 boxes across the country and have seen many coaching styles and programs. I began looking, and one Box stood out from the rest BEACHSIDE CROSSFIT. If you are looking for a CrossFit box in Ventura County to join or drop in Beachside CrossFit will meet your fitness goals because of the 3 essential characteristics of those highly successful boxes.

the beachside community reaches far and wide!

not only is Nate either at the gym or hanging with members, the beachside community reaches far and wide. My tax person? Beachside member. Legal expert? Beachside member. Realtor? Beachside member. Electrician, mechanic when needed? Beachside. But most importantly, best people I ever met are there. Several Friends I will have for life.

Letter Crop Neck Basic Sweatshirt Simple Round Printed Long Pullover Sleeve M. Nechak #59 USN | 3 Year Member

Neck Printed Crop Pullover Basic Sweatshirt Long Simple Sleeve Letter Round I lost 10lbs of fat and Gained 3.2lbs of muscle! Wooohooo…..Umm YES your program is obviously working!

At #———-it took me 6 months to gain five pounds of lean mass and I was taking creating and counting every single gram of protein that went into my mouth! I’m PUMPED!! This is fucking awesome

GS | 2 Year Member

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The program is one of the best I have seen and experienced. Nate understands how to achieve strength, flexibility, endurance, and power just to name a few areas while keeping all athletes safe and challenged. Nate is constantly adding programs and skill sets to help all levels of CrossFitters from the one that is ready for advance skills to the beginner each is successful at Beachside due to the outstand well planned programing that fits each level of athlete.
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Community is the most important element of this BOX. The people make this place
unique and wonderful. From the time you walk in the door to when you leave the friendly positive feelings are seen on each face. This box has great coaches and athletes but most important it has great people that feel like family from day one. When coming to a CrossFit box the workouts can get tough but with such a positive staff and people you leave each day ready for the next. If you are looking for a place to begin your fitness journey Beachside CrossFit will help you meet your goals and provide you with a community that can create great friendships for years to come. Come out and visit I can guarantee that you will be hooked from day one.
Crop Round Letter Basic Printed Simple Neck Sleeve Pullover Long Sweatshirt Beachside CrossFit has outstanding Coaches that are not only certified but understand movement and how to coach to each individual needs one on one. The coaches strive to help each athlete progress on the specific fitness goals they are wishing to attain. Nate and his staff all reach out to each client and keep them motivated and progressing to succeed. The team understands how to develop athletes through progressive and sustained movement, programing and skill development.
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4.9 out of 5

53 reviews

5 out of 5

62 reviews

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